Consumer Participation

​Who are consumers, carers and the community?

Consumers, carers and the community can be defined as any individuals that have an interest in the development of accessible, effective and efficient health and aged care services that best meet their needs. It can include service users, carers, residents, patients, clients, community members and community groups.

What is consumer participation?

Participation refers to how consumers, carers and the community are engaged in determining their needs. Mercy Health has developed a consumer engagement framework that provides staff, consumers and the community with the tools and pathways to develop a true partnership.

Consumer Engagement Framework

Methods to engage the consumers include, but are not limited to the following:
• Providing person-centred care to the people we care for
• Focus groups and forums 
• Surveys 
• One-on-one interview
• Feedback
• Consumer representatives on committees
• Community Advisory Committees
• Community Advisory Groups

Watch this video to learn how partnering with patients and families can improve health care delivery.

Why do we seek consumer participation?

Feedback is an important consideration in health service planning and delivery. Engaging the community and people who use our services in meaningful participation can lead to better service delivery and improved communication at our facilities.  

Become a Mercy Health Consumer Advisor  

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