Vol 18 No 2 Summer 2012   

People with Down Syndrome  - Part of Our Community
Lessons from the Death Zone

Vol 18 No 1 Spring 2012   

Pastoral Care for Children Conceived through IVF
Sex Cells
Spiritual Care of the Dying Person
Enjoying a Night Out? - The Longer Term Consequences

Vol 17 No 4 Winter 2012   

The VLRC Report on Guardianship and Catholic Teaching

I.    The VLCR Report
II.   Catholic Teaching
       a.   Futile or overly burdensome treatment
       b.   Best interests or substituted judgement?

Vol 17 No 3 Autumn 2012   

Ethically Compromised Vaccines in Australia
Continuing the Pregnancy When the Unborn Child has a Life-Limiting Condition

Vol 17 No 2 Summer 2011   

Ethically Compromised Vaccines and Catholic Teaching
Home or Away? A Choice for Catholic Healthcare

Vol 17 No 1 Spring 2011    

Remaining True
Ethical Challenges for Catholic Health and Aged Care

Volume 16 No 4 Winter 2011     Australia’s Cloning and Embryo Research Laws
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Gamete Donation
Volume 16 No 3 Autum 2011     Catholic Identity and Health Care
Australia’s National Protocol for
Organ Donation after Cardiac Death
Gene Patents
Volume 16 No 2 Summer 2010     Euthanasia in Western Australia 2010: Background and Analysis
Physician Assisted Suicide in the United States of America
Catholic Teaching about Tube Feeding
Volume 16 No 1 Spring 2010    Youth Mental Health
Adoption is Better than Abortion
Paying Women for Egg 'Donation'
Volume 15 No 4 Winter 2010    Finding Meaning in Serious Illness and Suffering
Euthanasia - A Dutch Perspective
Genetic Testing and Insurance
Volume 15 No 3 Autumn 2010    Sexualisation of Girls - Too Much, Too Soon
Caring for People with Dimentia
The Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Rissk from Drinking Alcohol
Volume 15 No 2 Summer 2009    The Victorian Abortion Law - One Year On
"Law Reform" and Abortion in Queensland
Chemical Abortion in Australia
Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome and Egg Donation
Volume 15 No 1 Spring 2009    Caritas in Veritate
Eating Disorders
Lessons From A Memoir
Volume 14 No 4 Winter 2009    Obstetric Fistula
Caring for Ageing Persons: Attending to All The Issues
Ethical Decision Making
Brain Death and the US President's Council on Bioethics
Volume 14 No 3 Autumn 2009    The Instruction Dignitas Personae
Public Health and Human Rights
Organ Donation after Cardiac Death
Racial Discrimination and Health
Volume 14 No 2 Summer 2008    Ethical Aspects of Advance Care Planning
Victorian Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Volume 14 No 1 Spring 2008    Female Genital Mutilation
A Nurse's Perspective on the Victorian Euthanasia Bill
Brain Death and the Catholic Church
Volume 13 No 4 Winter 2008    Federal and Victorian Euthanasia Bills
Freedom in the End of Life Context
Male Circumcision - Facts & Fiction
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research
Volume 13 No 3 Autumn 2008    Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding:the miracle cure?
Australian Research Code
Preventing Pregnancy After Rape
Emergency Medicine
Volume 13 No 2 Summer 2007    Australian Guidelines for Human Research
Beyond Informed Consent - Part I
Beyond Informed Consent - Part II
NHMRC Statements on Post-Coma Unresponsiveness
Volume 13 No 1 Spring 2007    Abortion in Victoria
The Integrity of Neonatal Care
Anaesthesia and Ethics
The Problem of Childhood Abuse
Volume 12 No 4 Winter 2007    Catholic Health Care and its Ethical Challenges
A Natural Law Approach to Ethics and Morals
The Harm of Non Disclosure
Ethical Perspectives on Palliative Care
Volume 12 No 3 Autumn 2007    Predictive Testing for Huntington's Disease in Young Children Part 1
Predictive Testing for Huntington's Disease in Adolescents Part 2
Barriers to Rehabilitation
Stem Cells, Altered Nuclear Transfer & Ethics
Volume 12 No 2 Summer 2006    Crisis: Young People Living in Aged Care Homes
The Obesity Crisis
Planning Future Health Care
Reflections on Science, Medicine and Death
Volume 12 No 1 Spring 2006    Cooperation in Unethical Actions of Others
Strengthening Professional Practice
Emerging Transplantation Ethics
Stem Cell Technology Update
Volume 11 No 4 Winter 2006    Impact of Spirituality on Making Ethical Healthcare Decisions
Ethical Responses to Drug Abuse
Chronic Pain – The Ethics of Care, Belief and Coping
Aspartame: An Artificial Sweetener Under Review
Volume 11 No 3 Autumn 2006    Moral Worth and Invoilability of Unborn Children
Drugs: Mode of Action, Prevalence and Reasons for Use
Aboriginal Cultural Identity, Health and Ethics
Ethical Issues in the Use of Implanted Medical Devices
Volume 11 No 2 Summer 2005    Risk to Human Health Posed by Avian Influenza
Ethical Issues in the Management of Bird Flu Pandemic
Sports Medicine and Ethics
Indigenous Health
Volume 11 No 1 Spring 2005    Nanotechnology - Benefits and Risks
The Rural Urban Health Divide
Post-Coma Unresponsiveness
Medically Administered Nutrition & Hydration and Ethics
Volume 10 No 4 Winter 2005    Care Ethics at the Edge of Neonatal Viability
Health Care, Experimental Therapies, Research and Ethics
Integrity in Clinical Research
Ethical Issues in Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Volume 10 No 3 Autumn 2005    Abortion - Informing the Debate
Unhappy Children - Disorder or Defence
Highlights of Brian Pollard's Views on Palliative Care
Benefits and Burdens of 'Routine' Antenatal Screening
Volume 10 No 2 Summer 2004    Reforming Health Care
Elder Abuse in an Ageing World
International Cloning and Stem Cell Policy
Embryos, Cloning, Stem Cell Research & Ethics
Volume 10 No 1 Spring 2004    Anonymity in Gamete Donation
Alert or Alarm - Adverse Events in Health Care
The new Genetics: Therapy or Enhancement
Biblical and Christian Tradition on Respecting Embryos
Volume 9 No 4 Winter 2004    The Pope on the Moral Obligation to Continue Tube Feeding for Patients in Post-Coma Unresponsiveness
The Moral Distress of Nurses
Anonymity in Gamete Donation
Mental Health: Burdens and Challenges
Volume 9 No 3 Autumn 2004    Human- and Xeno-Transplantation Research and Ethics
Privacy, Biometrics, Technology and Health
Medical Technology: Master or Tool?
Health Industry hit by 'Violence' Epidemic
Volume 9 No 2 Summer 2003    How Private is Our Privacy in Health Care?
Safer Advances in ART?
Special Need Children in mainstream Schools
Risks and Ethics from Conception to Birth
Volume 9 No 1 Spring 2003    Safety Concerns in Reproductive Technology
Is Population Mass Screening for Cancers always Beneficial?
Medical Journalism - Benefits, Rights and Responsibilities
Destruction of Human Embryos, Fetuses and Ethics
Volume 8 No 4 Winter 2003    Substance Abuse and Young People
Conflicts of Interest, Healthcare & Scientific Integrity Inside Story
Abortion and the Risk of Breast Cancer
Book Review : Culture of Life – Culture of Death
Volume 8 No 3 Autumn 2003    The Impact of Demoralisation on Decision-Making
Legal Issues at End of Life Care
The Myth and Malady of Maternal Mood Disorders
Ethical Issues in ADHD: Diagnosis and Management
Volume 8 No 2 Summer 2002    Highlights from "Challenges in End of Life Care" Conference - 31 October 2002
Treatment at the End of Life and Ethics
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis & Ethics
Advocacy in Health Care
Volume 8 No 1 Spring 2002    Review of the Stem Cell Debate
Embryo Research, Cloning and Ethics
Health Ethics and Primary School Age Children
Mental Health : How Should it be Treated?
Volume 7 No 4 Winter 2002    The Changing Face of Australian Health Care( Part 2)
The Science and Ethics of Using Spare IVF Embryos for Research
Clinical Practice, Clinical Audit, Quality Assurance, Research
Wrongful Life and Wrongful Birth.
Volume 7 No 3 Autumn 2002    The Changing Face of Australian Health Care( Part 1)
The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and Some Difficult Decisions
From Human Transplants to Xenotransplants
Review Article: Life and Death in Healthcare Ethics
Volume 7 No 2 Summer 2001    "Ethical Issues in the Care of the Aged" – Report on a Conference held at St Vincent's Hospital
Overview on the Dignity of the Human Person
Young People and the Health Care System.
Volume 7 No 1 Spring 2001    Responsibilities of pregnant Women
Futile Treatments
Politics and a "Just" Health Care System
Ethical Aspects of Treatment of Low Birth Weight Babies.
Volume 6 No 4 Winter 2001    Ethical Reflections on the Separation of Conjoined Twins
Blowing the Whistle
Ethical Issues Involved with Using Stored Tissue Samples for Genetic Research
Who Should be Protected from Infection?
Volume 6 No 3 Autumn 2001    Who Determines Future Treatment?
Should Smokers be Denied Certain Treatments?
Ethical Guidelines: Are They Enough to Prevent Dangerous Research?
Restraint - Can it be Ethically Justified?
Volume 6 No 2 Summer 2000    Mental Health: Posing Extra Problems for Accepted Ethical Standards
What do Adult Children Owe Their Ageing Parents in Matters of Health Care?
Ethical Issues in the Use of Sedation in the Care of the Terminally Ill.
Volume 6 No 1 Spring 2000     Access to Infertility Clinics for Single Women and Lesbians?
Late Term Abortion
Living with Limits: Age as a Criterion in Health Care Distribution
Therapeutic Use of Pluripotent Embryonic Stem Cells.
Volume 5 No 4 Winter 2000     Things Do Go Wrong in the Health System!
Medical Research and Practice, the Public and Conflicts of Interest
Ethics and Adolescent Health
The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) : Is it Equitable?
Volume 5 No 3 Autumn 2000    Social Capital and Health
Genetic Counselling
Health Ethics and the Media
Ethical Issues in the use of Animals for Medical Purposes
Volume 5 No 2 Summer 1999    Is Every Isolated Embryonic Cell an Embryo?
Conventional and Complementary Therapies Genetic Privacy: Families, Healthcare Professionals and the State
Patient Records
Volume 5 No 1 Spring 1999    National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Research Involving Humans
Health Care from a Distance - Telemedicine / telehealth!
Genetic Therapy and Genetic Enhancement
How to Find Out What is Morally Right or Wrong.
Volume 4 No 4 Winter 1999     Ethical Aspects of Treatment of Women Who Have Been Raped
What Affects Health?
Clinical Trials in Developing Countries: The Ethical Difficulties
Withdrawing Tube Feeding-Medico-Moral Considerations.
Volume 4 No 3 Autumn 1999    Health Information?
Rogers v Whitaker, Chappel v Hart and the Evolving Nature of Informed Consent
Misuse of Prescription Medication
Ethics and the Practice of Psychiatry. A Brief Review.
Volume 4 No 2 Summer 1998    HRT: To Take it or Not?
Is Health Promotion Valuable?
The Ethical Challenges of Alzheimer Disease and Our Ageing Population
Is Relieving Distress for the Dying Euthanasia?
Volume 4 No 1 Spring 1998    Drugs and a Harm Minimisation Approach
Culture and Ethics
Review Article: Law and Medical Practice: Rights, Duties, Claims and Defences
Material Cooperation and Abortion.
Volume 3 No 4 Winter 1998    Potential Benefits of Cloning Technology
Gene Therapy, Patenting and Genetic Research
The Elderly and Autonomy
Artificial Hydration in Terminally Ill Patients: Is there an Ethical Obligation?
Volume 3 No 3 Autumn 1998    Transplantation - Where do the Organs and Tissues Come From?
The Randomised Clinical Trial (RTC)
The Human Genome Project: Issues and Problems
Making Morally Responsible Decisions.
Volume 3 No 2 Summer 1997    Should We Always Tell the Truth?
Human Experimentation Under Scrutiny
The Human Genome and the New Genetics
Some Ethical Concerns of Prenatal Diagnosis.
Volume 3 No 1 Spring 1997    What is Suffering?
The Role of Pastoral Care in Treatment Decisions at the End of Life
Informed Consent - The Challenge
"Not-For-CPR": Practice and Problems.
Volume 2 No 4 Winter 1997    Euthanasia: a Clinical Perspective
Who Cares and Who is Responsible for Immunising our Children?
Disclosure and Informed Consent
Victoria’s Infertility Treatment Act
Duty of Care for a Foetus with a Lethal Abnormality
Volume 2 No 3 Autumn 1997     Protecting Our Children
Suicide in Young and Old is a Challenge for Society
Dying with Dignity: the Right to Refuse Medical Treatment in Australia
The Human Person and Life's Journey
Volume 2 No 2 Summer 1996     Euthanasia: A Brief Examination
Refusal of Medical Treatment and Suicide: Victoria's Medical Treatment Act 1988
The Health System -Where is it Going?
Moral Respect Due to the Human Embryo 
Volume 2 No 1 Spring 1996    Unravelling Casemix and the Networks
When Does a Foetus First Feel Pain?
Surrogate Motherhood: Is it Now Legal in Australia?
Catholic Moral Teaching on Artificial Reproductive Technology 
Volume 1 No 4 Winter 1996    Resourcing Health Care: Some Moral Reflections
Problems of Health Care Resources
HIV/AIDS & The Law: Sexual Transmission Offences
Medical Reflections on Abortion
Moral Reflections on Abortion
Volume 1 No 3 Autumn 1996     Euthanasia: The Perspective of Palliative Care Nurse Practitioners
Youth Suicide and Suicide Prevention
HIV Infection: Risky Business
Morality, Use of Condoms and HIV Protection.
HIV/AIDS and the Law: Transmission Offences
Volume 1 No 2 Summer 1996    Victoria's Infertility Treatment Act 1995 and Related Ethical & Moral Issues
Euthanasia - Practical Issues for Nurses
HIV/AIDS and Euthanasia
Medical Confidentiality and its Limits
Volume 1 No 1 Spring 1995    Is Euthanasia Permissible?
Comments on Victoria's Infertility Treatment Bill 1995.
Euthanasia - Doctor's Dilemmas
Should Euthanasia be Legalised?

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