R U OK? Day 2016


​On Thursday 8 September 2016 Mercy Health will be taking part
in R U OK? Day.

R U OK? Day is a national day of action dedicated to inspiring all people from all backgrounds to ask family, friends and colleagues ‘are you ok?’. By regularly reaching out to one another we can prevent isolation, build a more connected community and stop little problems from getting bigger.

A range of R U OK? Day themed activities will take place across Mercy Health in the lead up to this date including the below – pick one or pick all and get involved today!


We encourage all employees to improve their mental wellbeing by downloading the free Smiling Mind app – a simple tool that helps put a smile on your mind anytime, anywhere! Smiling Mind will guide you through mindful meditation promoting a sense of calm, clarity and contentment.


Mind the Bump
Brought to us by Smiling Mind and beyondblue, Mind the Bump is a free mindfulness meditation app that helps individuals and couples support their mental and emotional wellbeing in preparation for having a baby and becoming a new parent.


Let's Get Physical!
Are you up for a challenge? Commit to 30 minutes of exercise everyday throughout September and count your steps by downloading the one of the many available free apps from the app store.  10,000 steps is used by researchers worldwide as a reasonable estimate of daily activity for healthy adults – this is the challenge, will you choose to accept it?! (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

Eat Good, Feel Good, Look Good
LiveLighter is a fantastic initiative that aims to increase awareness around healthy eating and exercise, enhance our understanding of the risks associated with poor lifestyle choices and equip up with the tools we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Why not try LiveLighter's free Meal & Activity Planner or use their BMI tool to 'calculate your risk'?

Contact your local Ethos, Values & Culture Committee to find out what's happening on R U OK? Day at your site!



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