Mercy Hospital for Women surgeons go 3D in the operating room

Mercy Hospital for Women has conducted a Victorian-first procedure using three-dimensional image technology. The surgical team, led by Professor Peter Maher, completed the laparoscopic hysterectomy in one hour on Thursday 28 November with the ENDOEYE FLEX 3D, which uses a deflectable 3D video laparoscope.   

The technology, developed by Olympus Australia, allows doctors to get a better view of areas inside a patient using a three-dimensional device. Doctors can control the perspective they see via a simple thumb movement, while viewing a screen wearing the same 3D glasses worn in cinemas. Prof Maher said it helped doctors gauge depth and distance, which was a common problem faced when using two-dimensional footage.  

�This will absolutely be safer for the patient,�� Prof Maher said.  �I�ve been doing this surgery since 1991, I never thought we�d be doing it like this. This is the icing on the cake, it�s a wonderful advancement that will make a huge difference for surgeons.�� 

Olympus Australia spokesman Oliver Clark said the device allowed surgeons to change the direction of the camera without the need for making large movements with their hands.  

�This provides the surgeon with greater flexibility whilst using the device and allows them to clearly see areas in the cavity that are traditionally harder to visualise due to the rigid nature of previous laparoscopes,�� Mr Clark said.     

 the Endoeye Flex 3D 
The Endoeye Flex 3D 


Date Published:  17 December 2013 

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