A Pastoral Letter to Catholics regarding euthanasia



​The following excerpts are from a letter that has been jointly issued to all Catholics in Victoria from the Archbishop and Bishops of Victorian Dioceses regarding the current debate on euthanasia. 

"There is a renewed push in Victoria and in many other parts of Australia for euthanasia and assisted  suicide to be legalised. Misplaced compassion leads some to call for the deliberate ending of life by the direct action of a doctor or by doctor helping someone to suicide. This is never justified (Catechism of the Catholic Church #2277)."

"As medical advances increasingly lead to a longer life for many people, we should view older people as a blessing for society rather than a problem. Each generation has much to teach the generation that follows it. We should therefore see care of the elderly as repayment of a debt of gratitude, as a part of a culture of love and care."

​Read the full letter here.


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