Meet our team David Thomson

Meet our team: David Thomson




Who are you? David Thomson

What is your role? Diversional Therapy Coordinator at Mercy Place Montrose.

What does your role entail? My role at Mercy Place Montrose entails leading the team responsible for the planning, implementation and evaluation of both individual and group lifestyle programs that encourage and support resident independence, creativity and dignity.

Part of my role is the recruitment, training and coordination of volunteers at the facility. These volunteers provide a vital link to the local community for our residents as well as enabling us to provide a far wider range of lifestyle activities for our residents through the utilisation of their many and varied skills.

All this is done in consultation with the wider care team to ensure that we provide relevant and timely information for the care planning process while maintaining the Mercy values of Compassion, Hospitality, Respect, Innovation Stewardship and Teamwork.

I am also required to provide appropriate and timely documentation to meet our regulatory requirements.

How long have you been in this role? I have been at Mercy Place Montrose for 20 months since accepting the challenge of this position, meeting the needs of over 100 residents.

Why is your role important to you? The residents I have met at Mercy Place Montrose have come from a wide range of places and have a myriad of amazing life experiences. This role gives me the opportunity to enrich the lives of all those living here through the lifestyle program provided by my team, whether it be providing them an opportunity to socialise with other residents, or having one to one chats with the staff about the things that are important to them. The added bonus of this position is that my life is enriched by the sharing of their life experiences.

What is my story?
I am married and my wife and I and have two sons who have partners of their own (still waiting for the grandchildren). Aged care has become my “sea change”. I previously worked for a major Australian company for about 32 years and for the last 29 years of that time, I was involved in the resolution of customer complaints. The change came about through my desire to work in an area where I felt I could really make a difference to the lives of those around me. While studying to be a carer I met two ladies who showed me the joy that diversional therapy/lifestyle can make to a person in aged care; and as the say in the navy, “my course was plotted”.

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