Mission, Vision, Values


Our Mission is to follow Jesus Christ in His mission of mercy through the delivery of health, aged care and community services.

Our Vision is to build an enduring capacity and passion to serve those with special needs.

Our Values reflect the key behaviours that guide our interactions with each other and those we serve. 


We are present for others in their time of need.

- Demonstrate kindness and generosity of spirit 

- Provide support in times of need. 

- Display a passion to serve others.


We welcome people with warmth and offer comfort.

- All people are greeted and made comfortable. 

- Seek to provide assistance where needed. 

- Provide a consistent level of customer service, internally and externally.


We respect the sacredness of the gift of life. We act with integrity and justice and value each person’s dignity.

- Recognise that each person is individual and unique. 

- Strive to be open and honest in all things, at all times. 

- Deliver good and bad news in ways that ensure people retain their sense of dignity and self respect.


We strive to create a dynamic environment which encourages creativity and diversity. 

- Embrace change as an opportunity for renewal and improvement. 

- Seek opportunities to try new ideas and acknowledge people for their contribution.

- Focus on present and future actions.


We build and strengthen the ministry and all resources entrusted to us. 

- Hold in trust and build on the tradition and spirit of Mercy.

- Develop Mercy people to be accountable for the highest standard of performance. 

- Seek opportunities to lead and make decisions within agreed financial frameworks. 


We work together to progress the Mercy mission. 

- Work together to serve others and provide the best possible care.

- Communicate openly and honestly; work as team members for the collective good.

- Respect the needs and feelings of others and actively seek their perspective. 







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