​Carer consultants

A carer consultant is a worker who has been or is a carer of someone with a mental illness. They provide consultation regarding carer issues and needs across the Mercy Mental Health Service. Carer consultants encourage carer participation and links with carer organisations.

The carer consultant works Tuesdays and Fridays and alternate Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Contact: Wyndham Clinic - (03) 8734 1550

Consumer consultants

Consumer consultants create a bridge between consumers, mental health professionals and management. They encourage feedback from consumers, in order to initiate positive change to services when it is needed.

The consumer consultant works Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and is available 9am-3pm.

Contact: Werribee Mercy Psychiatric Unit - (03) 8745 3560

Peer support educators

The peer support role is about the shared experience of mental illness. Peer support educators work one on one with individuals and groups to provide support throughout the process of treating mental illness.

Contact: Werribee Mercy Psychiatric Unit - (03) 8745 3560


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