​The Forensic Clinical Specialist Program is coordinated by Forensicare and has been established to build forensic expertise and capacity in Victoria's mental health services.

A dedicated forensic clinician has been appointed by the Mercy Mental Health Service and provides provides secondary consultation, advice, and clincial. The forensic clinicians also provide specialist orientation, training and education to the organisation.

The program is designed to improve the clinical skills and expertise of staff working with targeted clients who have offended, or are at high risk of offending.

The program offers:

Advice and consultation

Joint assessments of patients with a forensic history or potential high risk of offending.

Secondary consultation to the specialist mental health workforce

Seondary consultation to the specialist mental health workfroce includes:

* identifying and assessing consumers with high risk and complex behaviours

* developing comprehensive treatment and care plans for select consumers

* developing risk assessment and management plans

* providing consultation and liaison services to staff on issues related to forensic patients and other consumers considered at high risk of criminal and violent behaviours

* liaison with services to reduces gaps in service, particularly during discharge or release

* participation in the review of select clients (including case conferences) related to consumers who may be:

(a) presenting staff with challenges related to aggression and risk; or

(b) nearing transfer, discharge or release where there are concerns over risk

* providing education and training to clinical staff

Forensic Clinical Specialist - contact details and referral:​ ​

​Phone: (03) 9928 7444
Fax: (03) 9687 7130
Contact hours: 9am to 5pm
Address: Saltwater Clinic, 94 Nicholson St Footscray VIC 3011
Car-parking: Free street parking available, or pay parking at Footscray Plaza



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** NOTE: Forensicare website: http://www.forensicare.vic.gov.au/page.aspx?o=community#

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