​Clozapine General Practitioner shared care program

The Clozapine GP shared care program provides mental health patients and GP's with a supported transfer of care to GP's and ensures ongoing supervision by the consultant psychiatrist.

The program aims to improve consumers mental and physical health by facilitating communication and infomration sharing between the GP and Community Integrated Mental Health Teams.

Consumers who are presecribed Clozapine will commence ther treatment under the direct care of the Consultant Psychiatrist. When a consumers condition is stable and Consultant Psychiatrist feels that the consumer may benefit from continued care by the General Practitioner he or she may seek the agreement of the General Practitioner regarding Clozapine monitoring.  

Any General Practitioner who agrees to participate in a shared care agreement will need to be educated and registered. The Clozapine Coordinator will provide education and support to the General Practitioner, on the monitoring requirements of Clozapine.

For more information please contact the Clozapine Coordinator at Wyndham Clinic on (03) 8734 1550

Primary Care Partnerships

Primary Care Partnership (PCP) clincians provide assessment and treatment recommendations for consumers managed by general practitioners. This service promotes ongoing recovery in the private sector and has an education function to encourage appropriate mental health care from external health care professionals. 

For referrals contact Psychiatric Triage on 1300 657 259


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