​Aboriginal Programs: Mercy Hospital for Women

​Aboriginal Hospital Liaison

Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officers (AHLOs) provide cultural support and advocacy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and families attending all inpatient and outpatient services at Mercy Hospital for Women including pregnancy, early parenting and Women's Business. Services for patients and families include:

* providing a culturally safe place for women and families to wait for appointments where they can have a cuppa, a feed and a yarn
* attending appointments with women when requested
* providing emotional, social and cultural support
* linking women with appropriate external services
* working closely with hospital staff to ensure that Aboriginal women have a voice in their care.

AHLOs also provide information, education and consultation to hospital staff regarding culturally appropriate care.


AHLOs  are located in the Outpatients Department on Level 3.

Jo Pappas
Senior Aboriginal Liaison Officer
Mon - Fri: 8.30am - 5pm
Phone: (03) 8458 4393
Mob: 0407 285 446
Email: jpappas@mercy.com.au

Jodie Lovett
Aboriginal Liaison Officer
Tues, Wed, Thurs: 9am - 5pm
Phone: (03) 8458 4392
Mob: 0419 983 187
Email: jlovett@mercy.com.au

Nangnak Baban Murrup Clinic

Nangnak Baban Murrup (meaning "Nurturing Mother's Spirit" ) is a culturally-specific clinic that women who are pregnant with Aborginal and Torres Strait Islander babies can attend.

The clinic provides care from a team of professionals including:

* doctors
* midwives
* Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officers
* social workers

* psychologists
* psychiatrists
* paediatrticians
* diabetes educators

Day: Tuesday

Time: 1pm to 5pm

Place:  Outpatients Department, Level 3, Mercy Hospital for Women

Please note that Aboriginal women who attend other antenatal clinics throughout the week are still able to receive the same level of support from Aboriginal Programs.

Nangnak Wan Myeek (New Directions)  

The Senior Engagement Officer from Nangnak Wan Myeek (meaning "Nurture, Care, Look after me and Mine") provides support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and families following the baby's birth.

This can include:

* providing support within the hospital following the baby's birth for families accessing services such as lactation and paediatrics, or   for families whose babies have been admitted to Special Care or the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
* attending initial postnatal home visits with nurses to provide cultural support
* promoting healthy child development by supporting breastfeeding and immunisations
* linking families with local Aboriginal organisations
* supporting families to connect with Maternal and Child Health Services at the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service or through mainstream community health services and local councils
* providing cultural support for families facing difficulties, incuding those who are involved with DHS Child Protection

Referrals to the Nangnak Wan Myeek program are made internally within the hospital through the Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officers.



Marika Jackomos
Manager Aboriginal Programs
Email: mjackomos@mercy.com.au
Phone: (03) 8458- 4398


 * For more information about Aboriginal Programs at Mercy Hospital for Women, please refer to our brochure *

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