During your admission to hospital it is important that you continue to receive your regular medications (where appropriate) along with any additional medications prescribed by your doctor.

The ward pharmacist will review each medication chart; speak with you and ensure that medications are prescribed correctly; explain and answer any questions you have regarding your medications and how to take them; and ensure the medications are supplied.

There are a number of actions you can complete as a patient which will help ensure you receive the correct medications while you are in hospital:
• Always bring all your medication with you to hospital (including herbal/traditional remedies)
• Always bring your medications in their original containers (the labels have instructions and state the pharmacy they were obtained from as well as the prescribing doctor)
• Dosette box/Websterpak ‒ bring this to hospital as it is important in helping identify your medications and lets us know you use a medication aid
• Medication list ‒ bring your most current medication list with you
• Recently stopped medications ‒ tell the pharmacist about any medication you have stopped recently
• Allergies ‒ remember to tell all health professional about any allergies you have.


The following brochures may be helpful in understanding the medication prescribed for you in hospital and the service you can expect from your ward’s pharmacist:
1. Pharmacy brochure
2. Taking your medicines
3. Receiving antibiotics in hospital

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