• Dietetics

    Our dietitians can advise patients on many diet issues including healthy eating for all ages, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and treatment, weight management, special needs for the elderly, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Your doctor may refer you to a dietitian or you may ask nursing staff to request an assessment by a dietitian. Dietitians provide a nutrition and dietetic service which includes patients attending outpatient clinics, inpatients and staff members.


    • -Dietitians specialise in nutrition and women’s health at all life stages.
    • -Patients can be referred for therapeutic eating plans for conditions such as gestational diabetes, diabetes, PCOS, gastrointestinal disorders, allergies and weight management.
    • -Information on nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding is provided.


    • -Patients requiring therapeutic eating plans will be assessed and a suitable menu developed.
    • -Menus will be developed for patients with: diabetes; allergies and intolerances such as coeliac disease and lactose intolerance; those requiring weight reduction plans
    • -Supplements will be provided for those at risk of nutritional inadequacy e.g. oncology patients.
    • -Education will be provided where appropriate. 

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