Multicultural Services

Mercy Health has a long tradition of caring for and working with our diverse communities.  Currently our consumers come from more than 200 countries, speak more than 130 languages and follow 80 religious faiths.

We have established many successful programs to ensure access to safe and responsive services.

Our services: 

Interpreting Services
African Liaison
Family and Reproductive Rights education Program (FARREP)
Community Engagement 

Information in community languages  

We are committed to meeting the needs of our consumers and provide information in a range of relevant community languages .

Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights

This document describes your rights when you use health services. 
Click here to access information in a range of languages.

Early Pregnancy Loss (Miscarriage) booklet

This booklet provides information for women, their partners and families who are dealing with the physical and emotional effects of a pregnancy loss in the first 12 weeks.

Click on the link below to read the information in your language:

Early Pregnancy Loss - English
Early Pregnancy Loss - Arabic
Early Pregnancy Loss - Chinese
Early Pregnancy Loss - Hindi
Early Pregnancy Loss - Karen
Early Pregnancy Loss - Farsi/Persian

We value your feedback

If you would like to provide feedback on any of our services, you can print the feedback form and send it to us.
Your feedback helps us improve the services we provide. 

We value your feedback - English
We value your feedback - Arabic
We value your feedback - Chinese
We value your feedback - Karen 
We value your feedback - Vietnamese
We value your feedback - Persian

For more information on multicultural services call 03 8458 4255 or email  


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