Am I able to book into Mercy Hospital for Women (Heidelberg) to have my baby?

  • Mercy Hospital for Women provides pregnancy care for all women who live in our local area as well as women from across Victoria who require tertiary (high level) care.

  • The Victorian maternity system is designed to make sure that all women receive appropriate pregnancy/maternity care at the right time and in the right place. Unless you have a high risk pregnancy, where you live will determine which hospital is your local (closest) maternity hospital and as such, the most appropriate hospital for you to book into.  

  • If you or your GP are unsure whether you live within Mercy Hospital for Women’s local area, you can email us at

  • The state of Victoria is home to three tertiary hospitals that provide specialised care for women with high risk pregnancies or complex medical needs. These are Mercy Hospital for Women, The Royal Women’s Hospital and Monash Health. All tertiary hospitals must be in a position to accept high risk and complex referrals from across the state which is why we are unable to accept maternity bookings from outside our local area.  

    “Women are best supported when they receive maternity care close to home” (Department of Health Victoria 2014) 


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