• Allied Health Staff
    There are a number of specialist services available for women with baby in the Special Care Nursery. Close links with the nursery include:

  • • Lactation consultants
    • Specialist midwives who provide education and support with breastfeeding
    • Dieticians
    • Social workers

  • These allied health staff assist with practical issues, provide links with various community services and provide support and counselling.

  • MEP5 

    Pastoral Care

    Pastoral care includes, but is not limited to, spiritual and religious care. Pastoral carers offer the companionship of sensitive listening and spiritual support to all patients and their families. This service is available to patients and families of all cultures, beliefs and religious backgrounds. Please notify staff if you wish to see a religious representative from your own tradition.

    The hospital chapel is located at the back of the hospital, entrance via the Maternity Unit entrance of the hospital. Everyone is welcome to use the chapel for personal prayer, meditation or as a place of peace and rest.


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