• Newborn babies who need special care are particularly vulnerable. We must take precautions to protect them from infection. Everyone is required to wash their hands upon entering the Special Care Nursery. Please adhere to our hand washing policy and wash your hands at the basins provided.

    To minimise the risk of infection to your baby, we ask any unwell visitors or those who have been in recent contact with an infectious person (infections may include chickenpox, measles etc) to refrain from visiting the nursery. Anyone with a cold sore must not visit the nursery.

    Quiet time between 12 – 2 pm. Lights are dimmed and noise levels decreased. Parents only to visit during this time. Visiting hours are between 2pm – 8 pm.




    Parents and siblings are welcome to visit at any time. We ask that you supervise your other children at all times whilst visiting your baby. Siblings may become easily bored during a visit to the nursery. There is a sitting room located across from the nursery containing toys. The parents’ day room is situated inside the Special Care Nursery. Children may play in the day room but remain the responsibility of parents for supervision and tidying up when leaving.

    • Children under 12, other than siblings, are not permitted in the nursery
    • Visitors are limited to two at a time per family. We ask that visitors come during hospital visiting hours to maintain privacy and a quiet  environment and to minimise infection
    • We ask parents and visitors to respect all our babies and their families
    • Please don’t wander around or touch other babies
    • Staff are not permitted to discuss details of other babies 


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