What to bring to hospital

  • You are advised to bring the following items to hospital for the birth of your baby:

  • For yourself 

    • A loose nightgown or t-shirt for birthing
    • Dressing gown and slippers
    • Casual clothes to wear during the day if you choose
    • Toiletries: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, tissues, etc (a hairdryer is available)
    • Nursing bras and nursing pads
    • Four packets of maternity sanitary pads
    • Change for the telephone if required
    • Pen and/or pencil
    • Charger for your mobile phone
    • Medicare card, other health care cards or private health insurance (if relevant)

  • For your baby 

  • • Nappies
    • Baby clothing
    • Baby wipes
    • Baby bath solution

    Your partner or support person might consider bringing a camera, CDs (a CD player is available) and oil/lotion for massage.

  • Your partner or support person will need to bring their own personal requirements and food.

    Important:   It is helpful to have all these items packed in your suitcase about four weeks before your baby's due date. Please do not bring valuables, items of sentimental value or large sums of money to the hospital.


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