22056VIC Course in Health (HIV and Hepatitis C Test Advisor)

22056VIC Course in Health (HIV and Hepatitis C Test Advisor)​

​                               (RTO 22085)

Course outline

  • This course trains midwives in providing information and support to prenatal women undergoing testing for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other blood borne viruses. This involves the ability to:

    • * provide non-judgemental client interaction
    • * discuss confidentiality and informed consent for the test
    • * provide information about the testing procedure
    • * competently conduct a relevant risk assessment in relation to HIV and viral hepatitis
    • * appropriately deliver a positive or negative test result
    • * discuss strategies for individuals to reduce the risk of transmission based on their risk assessment/history
    • * explore the availability of social support and the individual's ability to cope with the result
    • * discuss strategies to help reduce the social and emotional impact of a positive result
    • * discuss the medical and social consequences of infection including ways of reducing the risk of transmitting the virus
    • * refer the individual to appropriate services.

Course structure

In order to be awarded a Certificate for successful completion of the 22056VIC Course in Health (HIV and Hepatitis C Test Advisor); participants must complete one core unit of competency.  The course can be contextualised to suit midwifery.

Course delivery and duration

The course duration is 30 hours – mode of delivery may vary in order to suit participants' needs. Delivery involves a blend of:

  • * pre-reading
  • * workplace practise/simulated learning/role play
  • * workplace observation competencies of pre and post-test discussions.

MHTI entry requirements

  • * Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the capacity to interact with individuals in a non-judgemental fashion
  • * Must have access to a qualified HIV and Hepatitis C Test Advisor or medical practitioner to complete the workplace observation competencies
  • * Each participant must work as a healthcare professional were testing for HIV and other blood borne viruses is carried out
  • * Registered midwife (as required)

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