STEP 3: Working out the costs

Here are the different fees you may be charged:

Daily care fee

This fee is calculated on the resident’s income.

Daily care fees contribute towards daily living costs such as nursing and personal care, meals, heating and cooling and laundry services.

In addition to the base daily care fee, an income tested fee may also be payable based on the resident’s income. Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs will assess whether this income tested fee is payable.


Accommodation payment

This payment is calculated on the resident’s assets value.

Accommodation payments contribute to the cost of accommodation and are only payable if the resident’s assets exceed the amount set by the Australian Government.

The level of asset is determined by Centrelink. Accommodation payments are structured so that residents retain a prescribed amount of asset. Mercy Health residences agree to the amount of accommodation payment before they move in.

The accommodation payment is:
a) Accommodation bond for low care. An accommodation bond is a lump sum payment. Different payment options exist for this payment and should be discussed with the service manager.
b) Accommodation charge for high care. An accommodation charge is a daily charge                                

Extra Service fee

This fee is payable if the resident accepts an Extra Service place and the fee paid is the prescribed fee for that facility.

Please note that Extra Service places are not available at all Mercy Health residences.

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