A long shot of the entrance to a Mercy Health facility. Glass sliding doors are open and large letters spelling MERCY sit above.

Our strategic plan

Our key focus remains on responding to the current and emerging needs of the communities we serve. Our strategic emphasis is on partnering with individuals and their carers to provide compassionate and responsive care and on improving health outcomes for the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

The objectives of this strategic plan reflect Mercy Health’s commitment to build on our position as a quality provider of health, aged and community services, through stewardship of the resources entrusted to us by the Sisters of Mercy, state and federal governments and other stakeholders.

The development of Mercy Health’s next strategic plan is currently in progress.

Strategic Objective 1

Strengthen our position as an efficient, effective and responsive provider of public health services

Mercy Health will:

1.1. Have sustainable funding agreements in place for the provision of effective public health services

1.2. Perform in the top quartile of financial, quality and access indicators when compared to like hospitals and services

1.3. Enhance our standing as one of Australia’s leading women’s, newborn babies’ and early parenting public health services

1.4. Provide seamless and innovative specialist perinatal mental health and early childhood development support services

1.5. Provide timely access to a wider range of mental health, maternity, surgical, medical and critical care services for the south western region of Melbourne

1.6. Have a single Mercy Health model of specialist subacute services with particular focus on palliative care

Strategic Objective 2

Expand our residential aged care and community services through targeted growth

Mercy Health will:

2.1. Be the largest not for profit provider of residential aged care services in Victoria and one of the top 20 largest providers nationally

2.2. Have models of seamless aged care services which integrate home and community care and residential aged care living options to promote ageing in place

2.3. Build economies of scale in areas of current service provision or areas of identified need

2.4. Where present, be the local provider of choice for residential aged care and home and community care services

2.5. Increase the number of independent living units and other flexible supported accommodation options which support ageing in place

2.6. Have flexibly designed facilities which allow for a range of service options including more appropriate care for special needs and minority groups

Strategic Objective 3

Build our organisational capability with particular focus on innovation in the areas of organisational culture, quality and safety, attraction and retention of our workforce, and efficient resource utilisation

Mercy Health will:

3.1. Enhance our culture through the continual embedding of Mercy Health values and Mercy ethos throughout the organisation

3.2. Be a leader in person centred care and quality improvement in the areas of health, aged care and community services

3.3. Be a leader in the integration of safety and risk management initiatives and performing in the top quartile of peer providers in all occupational risk measures

3.4. Further develop our Employer of Choice status and offer new initiatives to make employment with Mercy Health rewarding, enjoyable and accessible

3.5. Perform in the top half of aged care providers across Australia in terms of financial performance

3.6. Return a sustainable growth rate on home and community care services

Strategic Objective 4

Advocate for the disadvantaged and influence policy in the areas of health, aged and community care

Mercy Health will:

4.1. Be one of the leading international Catholic health voices on services for women and newborn babies

4.2. Be a national leader in the delivery of contemporary and seamless aged care services, including case management and accommodation

4.3. Develop new models of care (within areas of service) for the vulnerable and disadvantaged

4.4. Have an active voice and influence policy directions and decisions in the areas of health, aged and community services

Strategic Objective 5

Support research, teaching, training and employee development that will translate into improved outcomes for whom we care

Mercy Health will:

5.1. Provide comprehensive education and development of our people through accessible and innovative models of simulation and training

5.2. Develop our leaders and managers to ensure effective stewardship of Mercy Health and our mission

5.3. Build Mercy Health Foundation’s donor base and corpus funds to over $15 million to support research, training, education and program development

5.4. Strengthen our research capability that supports wellbeing, health service provision, policy and decision making with regard to women’s health, neonatal care, maternal fetal medicine, perinatal mental health, mental health, palliative care and aged care services

Strategic Objective 6

Improve consistency and coordination of services within Mercy Health and develop collaborative partnerships which benefit those we serve

Mercy Health will:

6.1. Have collaborative relationships with the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea, government, providers, peak bodies, Mercy ministries and other Catholic services to advance care for those we serve

6.2. Have accessible services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

6.3. Have collaborative partnerships which promote self management of chronic conditions, including adolescents and young adults with chronic mental illness

6.4. Provide services in conjunction with other providers with specific focus on supporting families faced with early onset dementia, supporting aged couples with different care needs and supporting the frail elderly with dependants

6.5. Provide education and support programs which assist providers in managing services in the primary care setting

Care for every stage of life

Mercy Health provides a continuum of services to support people at every stage of life.

Care for every stage of life