​Education and professional development team

The Mercy Mental Health Service has a dedicated education and professional development team made up of clinical staff, a carer consultant and a consumer consultant. The team is led by the Senior Psychiatric Nurse and includes a Clinical Nurse Consultant, a Clinical Nurse Educator (bed based), and a Clinical Nurse Educator (undergraduate).

The clinical education team, utilising the lived experience of consumer and carer consultants, has oversight of the professional development program for Mercy Mental Health, and of mental health education for the broader organisation.

Professional development encompasses the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate training programs for the Mental Health service, as well as the professional placement program.

Corporate vision

"The Mercy Mental Health Service aspires to achieve and foster a teaching and learning culture that is responsive to the diverse practice development need of the current and future multidisciplinary workforce.

Teaching and learnign will be evidence based, theoretically grounded, recovery orientated and innovative to embrace contemporary mental health practice aiming to achieve high quality care and outcomes.

Delivery of teaching and learning will be collaborative, aiming to build capacity and utilizing the expertise of the lived experience of patients, their families and the professional workforce."

For more information please contact the education team at Saltwater clinic on (03)9928 7444

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