A Speech Pathologist is an Allied Health professional who works as a part of the multidisciplinary team to assist people who have experienced changes in their communication (speech, language, voice, cognition) and swallowing.

  • They use physical examination, instrumental technology, and standardized cognitive-linguistic and language assessments to diagnose and guide treatment.
  • They also provide education to patients, their family members and caregivers regarding impairments, disease processes, and compensatory strategies related to communication and swallowing.
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Werribee Mercy Hospital

Werribee Mercy Health provides Speech Pathology services in the following settings to adults:


1.      Acute

Patients admitted onto the acute wards present with complex medical issues. Speech Pathologists work as part of the multidisciplinary team in this setting to evaluate and manage swallowing disorders, cognitive, speech and language impairments typically resulting from neurological events including brain injury, stroke and progressive diseases, respiratory issues, cancer, and/or debilitation related to other medical conditions.


2.      Rehabilitation and Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM)

In the subacute setting Speech Pathologists provide rehabilitation and management to patients experiencing difficulties with their communication and swallowing.

They work with patients to develop therapy programs unique to each individual's strengths and weakness that facilitate maintenance of swallowing, cognitive-linguistic, speech, or language skills at an optimal level.



3.      Health Independence Program (HIP)

In the community setting a Speech Pathologist continue to work with patients who experience swallowing and communication difficulties. They can work one on one by developing an individualized plan of care tailored to each patient's needs or conduct groups to facilitate communication and pragmatic skills. Therapy in the outpatient setting tends to focus on achieving 'functional' goals that allow an individual to be as independent as possible in everyday tasks.


Mercy Health for Women

At Mercy Hospital for Women, the Paediatric Speech Pathologist is involved with the management of infants with communication and/or swallowing/feeding disorders in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Special Care Nursery.


Any treating staff member at Werribee Mercy Hospital or Mercy Health for Women can refer current patients to the Speech Pathology Department. If you have any concerns whist in hospital please discuss this with your treating team.

For information regarding outpatient referrals please refer to the Health Independence Program guidelines. http://www.mercyhealth.com.au/hcmhs/clinics/Pages/Health-Independence-Program.aspx

For further information, please contact:

Speech Pathology Department

Anna Gomez- Head of Department

300 Princess Highway,

Werribee, 3030

Phone: 8754 3688

Fax: 8754 3604


Useful Links:

Speech Pathology Australia: http://speechpathologyaustralia.org.au

The Stroke Foundation: https://strokefoundation.com.au/about-stroke/stroke-symptoms

Brain Foundation: http://brainfoundation.org.au/

ISIS Primary Care: http://www.isispc.com.au/

Motor Neuron Disease: https://www.mnd.asn.au/

Parkinson's Disease: http://www.parkinsonsvic.org.au/

Alzheimer's Australia: https://vic.fightdementia.org.au/

MS Victoria: http://www.ms.org.au/

SCOPE: http://www.scopevic.org.au/

Muscular Dystrophy: http://mdaustralia.org.au/

Australian Aphasia Association: http://aphasia.org.au/



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