• Werribee Mercy Hospital follows Baby Friendly guidelines. Staff are here to help establish and maintain your breastmilk supply. Electric breast pumps and kits are located in the Special Care Nursery for your use while your baby is in hospital. You can also purchase expressing kits for $45 per kit. Jars are provided for storing breast milk. Please label these clearly.

    If you choose to formula feed your baby, staff will provide feeding advice, demonstration of bottle sterilisation and formula making. Bottles and formula are supplied for you whilst your baby is in the nursery.

    Tube feeding is sometimes required, especially if your baby is preterm. A fine tube is passed into a nostril and inserted until is reaches the stomach. The tube is taped in place. A syringe is connected and filled with milk to slowly flow directly into the stomach. Tube feeding can be used in conjunction with breast/bottle feeding to provide adequate nourishment for your baby to grow.

    If your baby is unable to be fed, an intravenous infusion can be given. This involves doctors inserting a drip into your baby’s vein which will then be connected to a bag of sterile solution and operated via a pump. It is still OK to nurse your baby in this situation.

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