Compassion Revolution Conference 2019

If you are compassionate leader looking to bring wisdom and inspiration to the work of health, aged care and social good, be part of the Compassion Revolution Conference.

“Compassion is not an emotion. Compassion is a state of mind that allows us to notice what is happening for people and step forward with genuine understanding so that we can all flourish”. The Compassion Revolution is a new kind of conference for people in health and care industries who are looking to implement positive change. Compassion Revolution are bringing together people with lived experience; world class clinicians; storytellers; creatives; entrepreneurs and a room full of amazing humans who care.

This will be a two day conference running on the 10-11 September with opportunity for discussion, collaboration, interactive programs and several amazing Australian and International speakers (including Prof. Helen Sanderson from UK).

The conference will aim to help people be inspired, learn new skills, develop new strategies and make a commitment to take action on compassionate, safe and high quality care.


If you are interested in attending please purchase your tickets by clicking on the ‘Get tickets’ button on this page.

Last reviewed August 13, 2019.