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Mercy Health is committed to fostering ongoing development of our people who contribute to the delivery of high quality care to those in need.

We encourage continuous feedback between Managers and Employees through coaching and performance development conversations, ensuring we harness the contribution and potential of each individual.

Mercy Health believes leadership should not be determined by hierarchy, therefore we seek to empower people from all levels within the organisation to realise their leadership potential.

Current and emerging leaders can partake in regular ‘snack sessions’, facilitated bite size learning on various topics and may be involved in middle management and leadership programs. Established alumni groups ensure continual professional development and embedded learning throughout the organisation.

The Leadership Capability Framework

The Leadership Capability Framework has six core leadership capability clusters and articulates the behaviours that current and emerging leaders should aspire to exhibit at each stage of their career journey within Mercy Health.

The Framework provides a clear pathway for employees to support career development, values alignment and mission formation. The Framework builds leadership capability and capacity to meet the future viability of Mercy Health and support our strategic direction.

Mercy Health Internship Program

The Mercy Health Internship Program provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to apply their academic experience and knowledge whilst contributing to meaningful workplace projects. The program seeks to expose students to the realities of a workplace in preparation for embarking on a career post-graduation.

Mercy Health will endeavour to meet university provider requirements regarding duration of the internship. The proposed duration will be taken into account when reviewing the students as per the application process. The standard duration is between 120-150 hours (4-5 weeks full time equivalent) however, this may vary and part-time is an option.

There are various departments within Mercy Health Support Services that may participate in the program. If you would like to nominate as an intern or require further information please contact Internships@Mercy.com.au.

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Last reviewed April 17, 2024.


Mercy Health has hundreds of amazing volunteers who contribute to our care and services in many ways.



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Awards and recognition

We take pride in continually striving for greater performance, diversity, and innovation. We’re honoured to be recognised for our success.

Awards and recognition