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Mercy Health Strategic Framework

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Mercy Health Strategic Plan 2018-22

In 2018 Mercy Health adopted a new strategic framework, which articulates our direction for the next four years. The Mercy Health Strategic Framework 2018-22 recognises the foundation on which we are built and our contemporary influences. It also describes the context in which we operate. Importantly, the framework provides us with a clear and succinct mission for our work: bringing God’s Mercy to those in need.
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Accessibility Action Plan

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2019-2022 Accessibility Action Plan

The inaugural Mercy Health Accessibility Action Plan provides our organisation with clear and measurable deliverables to support all people with disability who choose to work for us or who access our services. The plan focuses on supporting employment opportunities, providing accessible physical environments and enhancing the care we provide.
Download latest edition of 2019-2022 Accessibility Action Plan (PDF, 2.0M)

Last reviewed November 3, 2017.

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