Where there’s life, there’s Mercy.

Where there’s care, there’s You.

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From a baby’s first breath, to the final moments of a life well lived… In the sorrow and the joy…

Through the battles and the breakthroughs, we’re there.

For over a century, our incredible teams have provided care for people at every stage of life. Today, as a for-purpose organisation with over 10,000 dedicated, compassionate people, we’re offering more services and deeper care than ever before.

And now, we’re all on a journey to prepare Mercy Health for the next hundred years.

It’s about ensuring even greater outcomes and support for our patients, residents, clients and communities.

It’s about investing in our people and our cultures to create positive experiences and opportunities for all.

It’s about taking all that we have and making it better.

To do that, we need you.

So, if you want to keep growing your impact and your career, join us. Find the role that’s right for you in acute or subacute hospital care, aged care, mental health, women’s health, early parenting, home care or health worker training and development.

We’ve come such a long way.

Now, with your help, we’re going even further.

Want to be part of something bigger?

Why Choose Us?

100+ years of caring…

Mercy Health’s proud history is built on over 100 years of expertise, skill and care.

We’re veterans in this industry. And the exceptional care our people provide has been nurtured by all who came before us. As a stable, reliable cornerstone of the communities we serve, the work you’ll do here will always be needed. That gives you real security and the confidence to forge your career with us.

It also means we have a responsibility to continue improving. To invest further in the care we provide, and the processes and systems that help us do it. Our size and scale give us more opportunities to innovate and expand our services – and to pass those opportunities on to our people. Here, you’ll be right at the heart of every new step we take.

…and many more to come.

So, if you want to help us shape the future of healthcare, all while gaining incredible experience in your field or beyond, join us.

A team of 10,000+ hearts

It takes a special kind of person to work in healthcare or community services. Mercy Health brings together over 10,000 of those amazing people.

You know the ones – they’re compassionate, tough, and they’ve got a whole lot of heart. And here, you’ll find they beat as one. We’re united by the profound impact we have on every life and the feeling of being part of something bigger – something you’ll help us build every day.

And you’ll do it with a team that always digs deep. Here, you’ll work shoulder to shoulder with people who share your values, and who will support you through thick and thin. It’s in those hard times that you’ll really feel it – where true relationships are built and real progress is made.

Meet some of the dedicated, strong, selfless people you could be working with, right here at Mercy Health.

…and many more to come.

Countless moments and lives…

It’s impossible to measure the full impact that Mercy Health and our people have had over the years.

Take this paragraph. In the time it takes you to read it, our amazing teams have made a difference to so many lives across the country. And while we’re not the type to pat ourselves on the back, it’s important to acknowledge all the effort and all the progress that’s made each day thanks to talented, driven people like you.

You’ll feel it – in every reassuring smile, every kind gesture, and every interaction. And it’s those moments, big or small, that will make your journey with Mercy Health one you’ll cherish for life.

Just ask Home Care Services Team Leader, Carla Duarte, who loves her role because not only is she helping enable older people to stay in their own homes, she’s also supporting and connecting our incredible Home Care Workers to deliver for the community. Read Carla’s story here.

…And so much more to come.

We’ve come a long way since 1920.

And through our people, we’ve been there through it all. Two pandemics… a World War… an immeasurable number of lives welcomed and farewelled. This industry is constantly evolving, and Mercy Health plays a vital role in leading the way forward – and always will.

That’s why we’re excited about what’s coming next. With a new, clear strategy and the people to bring it to life, we’re ready to take on the next 100 years – and we’ll do it with a team of amazing, dedicated people like you.

See what we’re working on and how you’ll play your part:

Help us lead the way forward

Our people are the foundation of Mercy Health. For over a century, our incredible teams have provided care for people at every age and every stage of life. With over 10,000 dedicated, compassionate people, we’re offering more services than ever before and ensuring better outcomes for our patients, clients and communities.

We’re excited about the future and we invite you to join us.

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Last reviewed April 17, 2024.

Awards and recognition

We take pride in continually striving for greater performance, diversity, and innovation. We’re honoured to be recognised for our success.

Awards and recognition


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