Friendship through brush and canvas at Mercy Place Abbotsford

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Well-renowned Australian artists John Bartlett and Br. Patrick Henigan have further forged their friendship and artistic bond painting masterpieces through Mercy Place Abbotsford.

The artists, who are also great friends, recently completed a commission of eight pieces of artwork for the local Collingwood Neighbourhood Justice Centre.

The opportunity to reconnect with an old friend and continue his artistic endeavours with Br. Patrick was one of the reasons John moved to Mercy Place Abbotsford. The home quickly recognised the pair’s passion and talent for art, and converted a lounge area into a joint art studio for them to share with other residents.

John is a dedicated Minimalist who paints with dry pigments. Now at 88, he’s been a professional artist for 39 years with over 20 solo exhibitions and 40 group exhibitions. He exhibits regularly at the Collingwood Gallery in Melbourne.

A Franciscan Brother, 93-year-old Patrick has devoted his life to those in need, particularly in the Collingwood community, and uses art as his creative outlet. Br. Patrick’s works are held by various galleries including the Australian National Gallery and The National Gallery of Victoria, as well as many private collections.

Mercy Place Abbotsford Service Manager, Nicola Jordan said the recent commissioned work for the Neighbourhood Justice Centre has helped strengthen the home’s connection with the local community, and kept the two residents busy and focused on their creative work.

“We’re extremely proud to have such accomplished and well-renowned artists living at the home, and to be able to provide opportunities for them to share their talents with fellow residents and the local community,” Ms Jordan said.

“The conversion of a lounge area into an art studio has allowed both residents to continue their creative work, well into their senior years. Friendships within the home are always important but it’s great to see old friends remain so connected through a shared passion.”

John Bartlett and Br. Patrick Henigan’s works, Cirrus Vertibratus and Sunrise on Sea of Galilee will be displayed for six months at the Collingwood Neighbourhood Justice Centre.

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Last reviewed March 5, 2018.

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