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At Mercy Health, our strength is truly our people. As an organisation consistently awarded the Workplace Gender Equality Agency's Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation, Mercy Health clearly values diversity.

We offer a wide range of flexible work options to assist our people to grow their careers while meeting the demands of life.

Grounded in a 2,000-year tradition of caring for others, Mercy Health is made up of almost 8,500 people who provide acute and subacute hospital care, aged care, mental health programs, maternity and specialist women’s health services, early parenting services, home care services and health worker training and development.

Mercy Health employs people from many cultures and backgrounds who, irrespective of their beliefs, share a common bond to care for those in need.

Our vision

To build an enduring capacity and passion to serve those with special needs.

Our values

Compassion, hospitality, respect, innovation, stewardship and teamwork.

Our vision, to build an enduring capacity and passion to serve those with special needs, cannot be achieved without focusing on our people. Our values reflect the range of behaviours we seek and celebrate in current and future employees.

Why us?

Mercy Health recognises that many people want more than just a job. We respect this by offering a generous range of benefits to support you both within and outside of the workplace.

These are just some of the exciting initiatives that we offer:

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Visit the Mercy Health Careers Website to view our current vacancies and learn why almost 8,500 people choose to work for Mercy Health.

Care first — it’s what we do. If you care too, join almost 8,500 others just like you!


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Mercy Health has hundreds of amazing volunteers who contribute to our care and services in many ways. We acknowledge and appreciate the hard work, skill and dedication our volunteers bring to our organisation.



Supported by Mercy Health's rich culture of innovation, our research communities are gaining worldwide recognition for their life-changing discoveries and promising research programs.



Education is an essential aspect of advancing care and improving health outcomes for people of every age and stage of life. Mercy Health is dedicated to ongoing education, training and professional development.