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What does inclusion look like at Mercy Health?

At Mercy Health, you’ll work alongside 10,000+ amazing people from many different walks of life. You’ll find we’re united by our shared purpose, but we also value what makes us different. That means whatever your background, religious beliefs or gender identity, you are welcome here! So, join us, and help us better meet the needs of our diverse clients and patients.

Want to know what diversity, inclusion and connection look like at every Mercy Health workplace?

Access to Diversity Contact Officers

Diversity Contact Officers are a ‘point of contact’ for employees at Mercy Health and aim to create belonging throughout the organisation. They are a valuable contact when first starting at Mercy Health as they can direct you to information you may need. Those who are passionate about helping others and looking to develop their knowledge of Mercy Health’s strategies and policies can be trained to be Diversity Contact Officers.

Gender-neutral Parental Leave

We believe parents deserve the same leave entitlements, regardless of their gender, to give them the same opportunity to care for and bond with their new child. Find out what our Parental Leave approach meant for Hospitality Supervisor, Jacques Mootoo, when his first child was born.

Flexible hours for caregiving, regardless of gender

We also recognise that the responsibility of caring for a child doesn’t necessarily sit with one parent. That’s why we support you to flex your hours in order to be there for the moments they need you. Click here to find out how Service Manager Surabh Nair balances his work hours with caring for his daughter.

Employee Advisory Networks

We offer various Employee Advisory Networks that allow you to connect with like-minded individuals who share your interest in diversity and inclusion. Our networks include the First Nations network, the Pride Network, and the Parents and Carers Network. Joining one of these networks allows you to make a meaningful impact at Mercy Health while fostering a sense of belonging.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cadetships

If you’re interested in nursing or midwifery and identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, you can apply for Mercy Health’s Aboriginal Nursing and Midwifery Cadetship Program at Werribee Mercy Hospital and Mercy Hospital for Women, which is also home to our Nangnak Baban Murrup Maternity Group Practice Clinic.

Employer of Choice for Gender Equality

We recognise there are often still barriers for women seeking high-level roles. At Mercy Health, we’re proud to say that women make up more than 50 per cent of the representation of our Board, Executive and management teams.

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Keeping everyone happy

Mercy Health is proud to be an inclusive employer and recognises the many benefits of flexible working arrangements. Here, employee Belinda Reid shares her experience of using Lifestyle Leave.

Keeping everyone happy

Sharing family responsibilities

Flexible working is for everyone. Surabh Nair shares how working flexible hours means he can spend more time with his family and how it has benefitted Mercy Health too.

Sharing family responsibilities

Supporting fathers and families

As society edges closer to gender equality, Mercy Health recognise the importance of a more proportionate distribution of caring responsibilities for men and women and gender neutral parental leave is one way we can support this.

Supporting fathers and families

Last reviewed April 17, 2024.