Keeping everyone happy

Mercy Health is proud to be an inclusive employer and recognises the many benefits of flexible working arrangements. Here, employee Belinda Reid shares her experience of using Lifestyle Leave.

Belinda Reid first considered requesting a flexible working arrangement after speaking to a colleague who was using Lifestyle Leave. Belinda had recently moved to an area where both she and her husband were away from their family. This meant that between the two of them, they needed to cover off school holidays when their children would be at home.

Lifestyle Leave, also known as purchased leave, is an arrangement that allows an employee to purchase up to four additional weeks of leave each year. The employee’s salary is reduced over the agreed period to allow for the additional leave. Belinda has been using Lifestyle Leave for about two years. “I use it during the school holidays and it allows me to have a good break over Christmas with the children too,” says Belinda.

Belinda found the application process very easy. “It was as simple as having a chat with my manager and sending a request in writing,” she says. “My manager has been very supportive of me taking the leave.”

Similar to the findings of Diversity Council Australia, Belinda believes working flexibly has had a positive impact on her commitment to her role. Belinda explains,

It actually makes me appreciate the organisation a whole lot more. I really enjoy working and the additional leave gives me the time to be with my family. It makes work more enjoyable. Flexibility keeps everyone happy.

Belinda Reid, Senior Care Advisor, Mercy Health Home Care Services

Belinda shares her advice with others who may be considering a flexible working arrangement: “If working flexibly will keep you in your role, have that conversation with your manager. I cannot advocate for it enough, it definitely makes you happier. It helps to create that work-life integration and it has made my life so much easier with the kids.”

If you are considering a flexible working arrangement, please refer to Mercy Health’s Workplace Flexibility Policy and Procedure on prompt. Alternatively, you can speak to your manager or your HR representative.



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As a Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) Employer of Choice for Gender Equality, Mercy Health has a continual focus on ensuring our workplace provides an equitable environment for all and supports our people at all life and career stages. We provide an inclusive organisational culture where individual differences are valued and respected.






Last reviewed January 24, 2019.

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