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Join Mercy Health, and you’ll become part of a proud history, dating back to 1831 when Catherine McAuley, inspired by compassion for Dublin’s poorest residents, founded the Sisters of Mercy. From these challenging beginnings, the Sisters of Mercy has grown to become an organisation known globally for its work. At Mercy Health, you’ll continue that journey as you work alongside 10,000+ hearts to support people in their time of greatest need.

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Whether you’re interested in nursing, supporting young parents, or even training the next generation of healthcare workers, find out more about what we do here:

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A career in health and human services isn’t always easy; it takes true heart. Yet, here at Mercy Health, you’ll join a team of dedicated people who’ll support you through thick and thin. A team who truly lives our values each day because they believe in them, too. If that sounds like you, you’ll be in great company at Mercy Health.

Annie Chiu – Service Manager

“Mercy Health is the kind of organisation that will always provide opportunities for its staff. For example, they provide graduate courses for registered nurses. You can continue to learn new information and knowledge that helps you in your career. They really help all staff. That makes me excited for my future.”

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Amy Farrelly – Nurse Unit Manager

“We’re lucky enough to see the babies return to visit us, and they could be seven years old by that point. There are the ones that pulled on your heartstrings when they were in the nursery and you remember their family’s faces. So, that makes you feel it’s a pretty special place to work.”

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Sam D’Monte – IT Services Desk Manager

“Having technical skills is great, but you need to have compassion, too, especially when you’re communicating with people who don’t have those skills. It doesn’t matter how educated you are – you may not have a lot of IT knowledge. I’ll often get doctors going, ‘Oh, I can’t do what you do,’ which I find flabbergasting. I see it as being the opposite way round!”

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Carla Duarte – Team Leader

“Sometimes people might have an unrealistic expectation of what a carer looks like based on what they’ve seen on TV. We have Care Workers who are in their 20s and another one who just turned 81! I think the most important thing we’re looking for is compassion, respect and a dedication to providing care for those in need.”

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Peter Harrison – Maintenance Officer

“The bottom line is, regardless of your role, you’ve got to be able to engage with residents and patients. So, it’s having those conversations and it’s asking yourself, how does the infrastructure work for the patients? Does the new room layout make their lives easier? If you know you can be present for the residents and the patients, then this is the job for you!”

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Piraveen Pirakalathanan – Director of Medical Services

“I think there’s a higher sense of community and purpose at denominational organisations like Mercy Health. Since coming here, I’ve noticed that people don’t rely on hierarchical structures, and they embody their core values and carry through on them much stronger than other organisations.”

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Last reviewed April 17, 2024.

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Inclusion at Mercy Health

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