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We acknowledge and appreciate the hard work, skill and dedication our volunteers bring to our organisation. Our volunteers are highly valued by patients, residents, clients and staff for their generosity and compassion. In turn, we endeavour to make volunteering a positive and enriching experience for everyone involved.

Volunteering in hospitals

Volunteers form an important link between the hospital and the local community. They provide an extra dimension to the services we offer. From assisting with administrative processes to visiting patients on the wards, volunteers carry out various functions at our hospitals, contributing positively to the patient experience. Volunteers have fulfilled a significant role at our hospitals in Werribee, Heidelberg, Young and Albury for many years.

Volunteering in palliative care

Mercy Palliative Care volunteers work with patients, their families and friends. They offer support, companionship and respite in the patient’s own home or in hospital. They provide their own dimension of care. We provide 30 hours of training for palliative care volunteers in a number of areas prior to volunteering.

Volunteering in aged care

In our Residential Aged Care homes, volunteers are supported in a friendly environment and encouraged to use their energy, passion, skills and life experiences to enhance the lives of our residents. Volunteers play a vital role in helping us do the work we do. From having a chat to supporting people on a day out, you can bring a smile to the face of some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

Volunteering as a Consumer Advisor

A Consumer Advisor is a volunteer who works in partnership with Mercy Health. They make sure the needs of the people we care for are at the centre of all decisions we make.

Consumer Advisors can:

  • review draft versions of Mercy Health’s public documents to ensure they meet the needs of the intended audience
  • work alongside our staff on various committees to ensure the people we care for are central to our decision-making process
  • share their healthcare stories at our staff education sessions
  • suggest improvements based on their own or other community members’ healthcare experiences.

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At Mercy Health, our strength is truly our people. We offer a wide range of flexible work options to assist our people to grow their careers while meeting the demands of life.



Supported by Mercy Health's rich culture of innovation, our research communities are gaining worldwide recognition for their life-changing discoveries and promising research programs.



Education is an essential aspect of advancing care and improving health outcomes for people of every age and stage of life. Mercy Health is dedicated to ongoing education, training and professional development.